April London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Update — there are now links to some of the talks given on the day from the program below.

The next London Cosmology Discussion Meeting (LCDM) is on the Cosmic Microwave Background.

The meeting will take place in the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) at Burlington House from 2-5pm on Thursday 18th April.

The details:

This meeting will be more pedagogical than usual, with the aim being to give everyone – particularly the graduate students – a solid grounding in both the physics and observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation.  The program is:

‘CMB physics’
Jonathan Pritchard (Imperial)

‘Baryon acoustic oscillations’
Will Sutherland (QMUL)

‘CMB data analysis’
Stephen Feeney (UCL)

‘Exploiting sparsity for CMB data analysis’
Jason McEwen (UCL)

Each speaker has been asked to prepare about 30 minutes of material and there will be a half-hour caffeine break after Will’s presentation.

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