24th January 2019 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: Cosmological probes of new physics
14.00-14.05: Updates from the organisers
14.05-14.40: Miguel Escudero (KCL) – “Relaxing the Hubble tension with a very light L_\mu – L_\tau gauge boson”
14.40-15.15: Stephen Stopyra (UCL) – “Inflationary vacuum decay as a probe of high energy physics”
15.15-15.45: Coffee break
15.45-16.20: Alistair Wickens (KCL) – “Gravitational waves from hot and cold hidden sectors”
16.20-16.55: Charalambos Pittordis (QMUL) – “Testing modified gravity theories via wide binaries and GAIA”
16.55-17.00: Discussion

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