5th December 2019 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: "Forward modelling in cosmology".
14:00-14:25 (20+5') Stephen Feeney (UCL) - TBA
14:25-14:50 (20+5') Cora Uhlemann (U. Cambridge/Newcastle U.) - Going forward with counts-in-cells
14:50-15:15 (20+5') Krishna Naidoo (UCL) - Beyond two-point statistics: using the minimum spanning tree for cosmology on the next generation of galaxy surveys
15:15-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:15 (20+5') Natalia Porqueres (IC) - Inferring the dynamical growth of structures at high-redshift from the Lyman-alpha forest
16:15-16:40 (20+5') Phill Bull (QMUL) - Forward modelling in the context of high dynamic range 21cm experiments
16:40-17:00 Discussion session

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