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27th February 2020 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

14.00–14.35: Eugene Lim – “Numerical Relativity of Weird Stuff”
14.35–15.10: Constantina Nicolaou“The Impact of Peculiar Velocities on the Calculation of H_0 from Gravitational Waves”
15.10–15.50: Coffee break
15.50–16.25: Alex Jenkins“Probing the Early and Late Universe with the Gravitational-Wave Background”
16.25–17.00: Arianna Renzini“High Angular Resolution Gravitational-Wave Astronomy”

23rd January 2020 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: “Neutrinos in Cosmology”
14.00–14.35: Miguel Escudero – Neutrino Cosmology in 2020: Where do we stand?
14.35–15.10: Constance Mahony – Target Neutrino Mass Precision for Determining the Neutrino Hierarchy
15.10–15.50: Coffee break
15.50–16.25: James Alvey – Big Bang Nucleosynthesis with Light Thermal Dark Sectors
16.25–17.00: Sophie King – From T2K to Hyper-K: A new era of precision in neutrino physics

5th December 2019 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: "Forward modelling in cosmology".
14:00-14:25 (20+5') Stephen Feeney (UCL) - TBA
14:25-14:50 (20+5') Cora Uhlemann (U. Cambridge/Newcastle U.) - Going forward with counts-in-cells
14:50-15:15 (20+5') Krishna Naidoo (UCL) - Beyond two-point statistics: using the minimum spanning tree for cosmology on the next generation of galaxy surveys
15:15-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:15 (20+5') Natalia Porqueres (IC) - Inferring the dynamical growth of structures at high-redshift from the Lyman-alpha forest
16:15-16:40 (20+5') Phill Bull (QMUL) - Forward modelling in the context of high dynamic range 21cm experiments
16:40-17:00 Discussion session

7th June 2019 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: Baryons in Cosmology

14:00-14:30: Catherine Watkinson (Imperial) – Cosmology from 21cm maps
14:30-15:00: Nicolas Laporte (UCL P&A) – The onset of star formation 250 million years after the Big Bang
15:00-15:30: Coffee break
15:30-16:00: Bernard Carr (Queen Mary) – Primordial Black Holes and the role of MACHOs in as dark matter
16:00-17:00: Discussion

28th February 2019 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: Tensions in Cosmology

14:00 – 14:25 Andrew Jaffe (Imperial): Planck 2018 results and tensions with external data sets
14:25 – 14:50 Daniel Mortlock (Imperial): Local measurements of H_0
14:50 – 15:15 Pablo Lemos (UCL): Quantifying tension in cosmology 
15:15 – 15:45 Coffee break at the RAS
15:45 – 16:10 Benjamin Joachimi (UCL): Weak lensing measurements and the sigma_8 tension
16:10 – 16:35 Eugene Lim (King’s): Tensions in inflationary cosmology
16:35 – 17:00 Open discussion

24th January 2019 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: Cosmological probes of new physics
14.00-14.05: Updates from the organisers
14.05-14.40: Miguel Escudero (KCL) – “Relaxing the Hubble tension with a very light L_\mu – L_\tau gauge boson”
14.40-15.15: Stephen Stopyra (UCL) – “Inflationary vacuum decay as a probe of high energy physics”
15.15-15.45: Coffee break
15.45-16.20: Alistair Wickens (KCL) – “Gravitational waves from hot and cold hidden sectors”
16.20-16.55: Charalambos Pittordis (QMUL) – “Testing modified gravity theories via wide binaries and GAIA”
16.55-17.00: Discussion

29th November 2018 – London Cosmology Discussion Meeting

Theme: Intensity Mapping and Reionisation 
14:00-14:30: Alkistis Pourtsidou (QMUL) – Cosmology with HI intensity mapping
14:30-15:00: Thomas Binnie (IC) – The Feasibility of EoR model selection with up and coming Interferometric Experiments
15:00-15:45: Coffee break/discussions
15:45-16:10: Romain Meyer (UCL) – Probing the galaxies reionising the IGM at 5 < z < 6
16:10-16:40: Adélie Gorce (IC) – The triangle correlation function of phases: a new tool to study the Epoch of Reionisation
16:40-17:00: Discussion led by Jonathan Pritchard (IC)