For a number of years now we have been running a regular London Cosmology Discussion Meeting. Typically the format is a half day of talks and discussion on a focused topic in cosmology. Dates and location of all scheduled future meetings can be found in the calendar below. LCDM meetings will be marked by `14:00 LCDM Meeting’ on the calendar.

Next Meetings:  


Previous Meetings:

If more information on the schedule of the meeting is available, or there are pdfs of the talks given, they can be found by clicking the date.

YearDate and Venue
202023rd January in RAS-“Neutrinos in Cosmology”, 27th February in RAS-“Gravitational Waves”

24th January in RAS -“Cosmological probes of new physics” , 28th February in RAS – ” Tensions in Cosmology”, 7th June in RAS – “Baryons in Cosmology” 24th October in RAS-Meet the groups+Primordial Black Holes

5th December in RAS-“Forward modelling in cosmology”
201825th October in RAS – “Meet the groups” + Large-scale structure formation, 29th November in RAS – Intensity mapping and reionisation
20172nd February in RAS – Python, and “Milestones in cosmology” discussion, 30th March in RAS – Guest speaker – Nick Kaiser, 25th May in RAS
20164th February in RAS – Structure formation3rd March in RAS – Gravitational waves26th May in RAS – Machine learning27th October in RAS – “Meet the groups” – many short talks
201529th January in RAS, 5th March in RAS, 28th May in RAS,  29th October in RAS10th December in RAS
201413th February in RAS, 17th April in RAS 30th October in RAS, 11th December in RAS
2013January 24th in RASMarch 7th in QMUL, 18th April in RAS, 19th September in RAS, 12th December in RAS.
2012February 2nd in UCL, May 24th in KCL, September 20th in KCL, November 1st in RAS, December 13th in RAS
2011January 14th in UCL, March 28th in KCL, May 11th in QMUL, November 24th in Imperial
2010May 14th in UCL, October 26th in Imperial
2007January 30th in UCL, February 20th in UCL, June 12th in UCL, November 6th in UCL
2006February 28th in UCL, March 28th in UCL, May 2nd in UCL, June 13th in UCL, October 17th in KCL, November 7th in UCL

Previous Topics:

Dec 2020 (IC): Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background
Nov 2020 (QMUL): Intensity Mapping
Feb 2020 (UCL): Gravitational Waves
Jan 2020 (KCL): Neutrinos in Cosmology
Dic 2019 (IC): Forward modelling in cosmology
Oct 2019 (QMUL): Primordial Black Holes
Jun 2019 (UCL): Baryons in Cosmology
Feb 2019 (UCL): Tensions in Cosmology
Jan 2019 (KLC): Cosmological probes of new physics
Nov 2018 (IC): Intensity Mapping and Reionisation 
Oct 2018 (QMUL): Large Scale Structure Formation
Jun 2018 (UCL): Baryons in cosmology
Jan 2018 (KCL): Multi-messenger probes of the Universe
Dec 2017 (IC): Gravitational waves
Oct 2017 (QMUL): Inflation
Mar 2017 (UCL): Several Topics
Feb 2017 (KCL): Python + Milestones in Cosmology
Dec 2016 (IC): Imprints of broken symmetries in the CMB
May 2016 Machine Learning
Mar 2016 Gravitational waves
Feb 2016 Different Aspects of Structure Formation
May 2015 Dark Matter Extravaganza
Apr 2014 Cosmology with non standard messengers/BICEP2